This is a tricky question to answer, as it all depends on every specific case but the general rule establishes that If you have suffered any injury that comes from an accident caused by someone else’s disregard, then could be entitled to claim general damages for pain, suffering and how that accident made a negative impact on your quality of life and also you can claim for specific financial losses, called Special Damages.

General Damages

In order to value your claim for general damages, your compensation solicitors will instruct an medical expert who will write a report about your injuries. The doctor will need to check your medical records in most cases before he makes a decision.

The report would refer to the extent and duration of any disability caused by the accident and would also refer to the impact of that disability on the daily living and how that injury has made a change on the victim’s life. Once the report is establish, your compensation solicitors can calculate your claim and take your case to the court.

Special Damages

This type of losses can include loss of earnings, travel expenses, items damaged in the accident, vehicular losses, medical treatment and prescriptions all of the expenses that you have had to incur as a consequence of the accident. You need to be able to provide proof of the loss incurred including receipts, including receipts, travel tickets, petrol expenses and payslips and anything that is relevant to your claim and you want to get back.
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