The new family migration rules, that took place last summer are already causing trouble to so many people in the UK. In fact, since the new regulations took place, many British citizens won’t be able to bring their non-EEA spouses or civil partners into the UK because of the introduction of a new income requirement when supporting a partner. Most of the people who have been affected are based outside Greater London and the South East where earnings are dramatically lower, the policy has turned to be very unfair and subjective.

Ono other hand, people are also concerned about the changes on the time for getting the settlement in the UK, spouses and partners have to wait 5 years instead of to to be able to claim their ILR status.

So if you are applying for a Further Leave to Remain (M)
Before you apply read carefully all the new changes and also check the transitional agreements, unfortunately there is not much you can do to change the circumstances, but The new restrictions could force some British Citizens to move abroad in order to live with their overseas partner.

However, legal challenges and appeals on ‘Article 8’ Human Rights grounds are expected as people demand a right to a family life in the UK.

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