Not all the injuries are physical. In fact, most of the injuries cause by an accident or a crime is physiological. Post traumatic stress, trauma and depression are one of the most common illnesses that victims of a crime or accident suffer. These intangible injuries are just as worthy of compensation as any other physical injury.

For anyone who has suffered a psychological injury as a consequence of an accident, crime or work related issues; it might be worth you getting in contact with a compensation solicitors firm. Their knowledge and advice it’s very valuable and they will be able to help you out with your claim, there is quite few common questions related to physiological injuries that can be clarified


You will need a lot of courage to make a claim. Many people don’t feel comfortable pursuing a physiological injury claim because of the misconceptions around physiological illness. But we believe a psychological injury caused by somebody else needs to be compensated.

Just as with a physical injury claim, the injury needs to have caused a loss and this loss needs to be supported by evidence.


Psychological injuries are very diverse, and it’s not necessary that you have suffered from a mental breakdown or you’ve been hospitalised from a case of mental injuries. Depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress can have very serious consequences over a period of time without being reported as an emergency


The medical evidence for any claim is vital,  psychologists, psychiatrists and other specialists reports are always consulted in order to evaluate the severity of the injury. It is important to consult a doctor about the condition before you make a claim and seek advice from reputable compensation solicitors firm.


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