There is a new plan announced by Nick Clegg designed towards sharing parental leave in order to improve and address gender inequality in the work place. In fact, Maternity Leave has always been a very sensitive topic, as its one of the differentiators between genders in the workplace. The new government initiative is aimed to tackle that inequality by allowing parents to share the parenthood leave between parents.

This idea are very important in order to build a more equal society with equal employment rights, as a professional employment solicitors we have dealt with many cases of inequality at work place where women have been “labelled” as parents and they don’t have the same opportunities for career profession as their male co-workers. The gender inequality issues are one of the most common cases that we have to deal with as employment solicitors.  Therefore, something must be done in order to tackle this social problem, women and men should have the right to have the same opportunities to progress in their professional careers and have a balance between family and work.

Employers and Government should work towards a more flexible workplace environment, the imitative be also extended for surrogate and adoptive parents. But in our opinion, the government should have started by subsidising the childcare fees that can go up to £1000 per month, putting parents in a very difficult position as the money that they will earn would go directly towards nursery costs, making it even more difficult for mothers to get back to work. If you have any doubts or want to make any comments, you can always call us or visit our website for legal advice on line.

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