UK immigration laws regarding to marriage between UK and EU citizens with non EU citizens have changed dramatically in the last couple of years due to the increasing amount of fraudulent marriages carried on with the ultimate purpose of settling in the UK.

Some foreign citizens who are already in the UK may not be eligible to switch into the spouse dependant visa. Therefore it’s best to get professional advice by consulting an immigration expert when applying for a certificate of approval. Every case is different and having the support of a team of immigration solicitors will give you the confidence that your case will be dealt with discretion, professionalism and promptitude.

Convenience marriages are a criminal offence!

A “set up marriage” with the only purpose of settling in the UK is fraud and the UK Border Agency  is battling against them, those people suspected of these Those suspected of such a crime will face punishments such us imprisonment and deportation.

New stronger measures on “sham marriages” have recently been placed. These measures include a clear explanation of what a ‘genuine’ marriage is, extending the period before spouses and civil partners can apply ILR from two to five years, an English test and also the proof that the couple has the financial means to live without asking for government support.

If you have any trouble filling out the application form or you are unsure whether you meet the requirements to apply for a permission to marry in the UK and obtain a spouse visa, get in contact with us, we can provide you with legal advice on line or just call us to set up a meeting in our London Office.


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