Every year there are hundreds of people who fail to claim their compensation simply cause they are not aware of their legal rights. They think that talking to compensation solicitor is waste of their and the solicitors time. A solicitor will not think that you are wasting their or your own time , even if the accident is small you should still visit and have a talk with solicitor.

The most important thing is which solicitor to choose. First of all you don’t have to pick a solicitor based on the distance, cause the solicitor will offer you to visit you at your home if you feel that is more convenient. Remember to have a list of questions you need to ask them so you know where your heading. Here is a list of questions we prepared for you to have :

  1. How many cases have you handled ?
  2. What is the biggest claim you have settled?
  3. How many cases like this have you brought to court in the last years?
  4. And what were the outcome of them ?

If you get the answers you need or if you are unsure about the answers contact other solicitor / lawyer firm. Don’t be afraid to do that cause you are a costumer and you have every right to ask around and seek the suitable solicitor. Remember the claim may take more than few years so you will form a relationship with him or her so make sure you pick a trustworthy lawyer. It may happen that the solicitor will not contact you for a few weeks , don’t be concern cause it may take several months to prepare a medical report or other documents. If that’s not the case for his delay response than you can always contact his Senior partner at the firm. Solicitors are busy people and they often have a lot of clients but that’s not an excuse for them to ignore you or not return your calls. Remember if you are not satisfied how the solicitor handles your case you are free to change to another one.

Written by Quick Solicitors

Quick Solicitors specialise in personal injury claims involving motorcycle, car, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, as well as injuries caused by accidents at work or in public places.

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