Immigrants which have problems with the authorities often decide to talk to an immigration solicitor. I’m not saying it is always better to use professional help rather than to make your visa application by yourself but if you are thinking about hiring and professional solicitor here are some tips that you may find useful.
First thing you need to check is their reputation. Found out if they are old firm , how much cases they deal through the years , check if they are in some newspaper for any good reason , is that firm or person well recognised in the industry. Also you can see how many offices does that firm has and normally you ask for the fee. After you set up your list of advisors that you think are the potential ones you should meet with them face to face. Best place to do that is their office cause there you can see if the office is in a dodgy neighbourhood and how many clients does he have or what kind of clients does he have so you can get the whole picture about him or the firm. First of all if the office is in a dodgy neighbourhood don’t even bother to go there cause you know that he is not trustworthy. Trustworthy lawyers / solicitors do not work in questionable environment. Second you see how many employees the firm has. As a hint, the more it has the better. Then check for the clients there, are the immigrants seeking for asylum or they are professionals. After you check all the three steps I explained above your list of solicitors should shrink to 2-3 tops. The next thing you need to do is set up a list of questions for them cause you don’t want to go there unprepared. Hopefully you will hire the right immigration solicitor/ lawyer.

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