The UK government constantly raises their awareness of immigration fraud, and the first thing you need to do is not to be a part of that problem. Fraud is consider as criminal offence here in UK and for those involved in benefiting from any type of fraud activity, including immigration fraud and immigration scam. Fraud costs UK taxpayers a lot of money plus it takes lot more time to process the valid visa applications and causes untold distress to the victims of fraudulent activity. Therefor avoid being a victim of a fraudulent activity. Many people cause of the issue of immigration, lead them to make desperate measures to get visa, but those measures often lead to severe consequences.

We suggest you avoid doing fraud documents. Misrepresentation of yourself with fraud documents or supplying others with fraud documents for immigration fraud or immigration scam will lead to severe penalties to all the members involved. When someone else fills your documentation for immigration, your family member or an immigration firm make sure that the information given in that document are correct cause are still responsible for the application and all the documents that support it. Checking the documents will ensure you that you are not an victim to an immigration scam or fraud.

If you chose to go with an immigration firm make sure to check all the options they offer. There are many companies and individuals that set up with an attention to do immigration scam or immigration fraud. Many of those companies set up elaborate websites that look appealing and they are designed to attract people who are desperate to resolve their immigration issue. They might say anything to get your attention, till the point you decide to get their service, forcing you to pay in-front so when they get the money you don’t get the service you ask for. In such cases is good to do some research , check if the firm is registered, read plenty of reviews about them to make sure that company is genuine. Our immigration experts on the other hand may help you legally set your immigration documents and your visa application.

Remember if you think you are an victim of an immigration fraud or you’ve been fraud by an false immigration company to report this issue to the UK Border Agency  (UKBA)

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