Deciding on a proposal to carry out, the basis on which the employer is obliged to return the employee to work or to the appropriate schedules, job, and jurisdiction is the court in whose territory the seat of the employer.

The court having jurisdiction shall be determined in relation to the employer’s place of domicile.

The deadline for submitting proposals for the execution of the 30 days of the date the employee (executive creditor) earned the right to submit a proposal. It is the day when the executive document received property enforceability.

The expiration employees (executive creditor) may no longer be seeking a court exercise its rights set forth in the executive document.

When an employee returning to work may be required and charges lost profits, provided that there is a proposal for the execution and enforcement procedure is initiated. Should the expiry stops, so does the right to request to award the enforcement procedure.

This, however, does not stop the right employee to another court proceeding requires consideration which was given to him by rules of contract and employment law.

The solution to a judgment based on what the employer is obliged to return the employee to work or schedules to appropriate workplace implemented the imposition of fines on employers and responsible person, and it is repeated until the employer and the responsible person does not fulfill his obligation.
An employee, who has submitted the proposal to be returned to work, may suggest that the court reaches a decision that will determine his employer pays on behalf of the amounts due in monthly earnings of the final judgment until its return to work.

Height monthly compensation shall be in an amount to accomplish that he was busy at work (retroactive pay the employee all wages that during and after a dispute has failed to gain).

Proposal for a fee earning employees may file a separate proposal until the conclusion of the execution process.

The right to compensation earnings does not belong to that person who seeks to be “distributed to the appropriate job” because they are supposed to be working and to create earnings from employment.

Implementing execution based solution for compensation earnings is performed separately over the course of the application of the execution order to go back to work.

The employer has the authority to propose that the court annul the decision which was adopted and ordered to pay compensation for loss of earnings.

Solution, which was only partially adopted or completely rejected the request, the employee is instructed to exercise their rights in an appropriate judicial proceeding.


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