1. Learn to say “no”

It is scientifically proven that man cannot be considered as an adult if he is unable to give negative answers. It is true that solicitors earn their bread providing services, which includes, in principle positive approach to customer requirements, smile, and willingness to work. However, any proposal for cooperation is not good and not everyone is a good proposal just for you. Think, calculate, fold the sheet and say: “No, thank for you confidence!”

2. Refine the list of customers, thank cooperation

So you tried to do a portfolio, days and nights in the struggle for the rights of your clients. It is time to ask yourself: “Are all these for my profile and real customers?” You will see quickly that at least a few of them will have to thank for your cooperation. Recalled if they paid on time, whether they protected your reputation, as you protected their as you are not gossiping anywhere. Pencil in hand and remove few who do not deserve to be in your list!

3. Sell offer at least to one stranger

Often in the work, we do not have the correct insight on what we have learned, made, or created in the past. Meeting with foreigners helps in many things: wallet will certainly improve because foreigners know how to pay a solicitor; certainly, you will find out how you stand compared with solicitors in other countries and he will thank you for a job well done!

4. Tell someone knowledge

Sign in high school or any of the law faculties to keep a lecture or presentation. In the practical work, you can receive something that in theory cannot be found in best books: a vast practical experience! Holds a presentation that will be remembered, give dozens of examples, experience a round of applause by young people willing to learn.

5. Go online

Oh, insist that you go online. Simply, the Internet’s leading media, you have to be present there. Going online can mean writing a blog to make interactive web site, join the discussions forum. Otherwise, the technology will do what our ignorance of foreign language did fifteen years ago: illiterate!

Written by Quick Solicitors

Quick Solicitors specialise in personal injury claims involving motorcycle, car, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, as well as injuries caused by accidents at work or in public places.

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