Choosing the Right Solicitor

Make a detailed procedure to select several solicitors or law firms that match your requirements Рfor example, select solicitors from your city specialized in certain cases (e.g. immigration lawyers London, legal advice, employment, etc.)

Conversations with selected solicitors by phone or by prior appointment

Before you organize a meeting with your solicitor, you can make an initial conversation on the phone and ask some preliminary questions.
You can record your questions and get answers from different solicitors in order to make a comparison and to make your choice of a law firm.
Here are some preliminary questions you should ask on the phone or on a first date with a lawyer:

  • Does the solicitor provide a free initial consultation? On the other hand, how much will cost the interview?
  • How long the solicitor is practicing and which are his areas of specialization?
  • Does the lawyer has dealt with similar cases and how many times has worked on similar cases? What part of the job of the lawyer is such questions and the last time was committed to this case?
  • In which Bar Association he belongs to? This information can help you if you want to check if the lawyer is legitimate in the register of the Bar Association.
  • What recommendations can he provide from other clients and cases?
  • What are the options for development and expected outcomes for your event.
  • What are the approximate costs and time required? What are the legal fees and terms of payment? Ask if prices are subject to negotiation. To get an idea for your needed budget, you can ask for other types of costs – legal, notary fees and other costs.
  • Does the solicitor will engage in your case itself or intend to engage other colleagues?
  • What are the obligations of the solicitor at the moment and will have enough time to work on your case? Note that it is not enough lawyer to be good enough, as he must also have the necessary time.
  • What information and documents you need to have at the first meeting with the solicitor?

If the solicitor thinks that your case is not suitable for him, you can ask for his colleague that can guide you.
You can ask your acquaintances and friends who have had similar legal issues to give you further guidance and referrals to narrow your choices. Note that most solicitors are professional in a specific area and a solicitor specializing in one area does not always have sufficient experience and willing to take cases in other areas.
Professional and trustworthy solicitor should consider and inform you clearly, whether a case is his field and has an ability to solve it. In such cases, the lawyer must refuse to engage and orient you to a colleague.
To make your decision more informed, talk to several lawyers, even if you think you are satisfied with the first interview with the lawyer.
Once you narrow your choices to one, two or three counsel should make an appointment to comment in detail your case.

This were several good recommendations on how to find solicitor for your case. Choose carefully your lawyer Рthis is your responsibility!

Written by Quick Solicitors

Quick Solicitors specialise in personal injury claims involving motorcycle, car, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, as well as injuries caused by accidents at work or in public places.

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