There’s a fair bit of paperwork to get done during the immigration process, and you may feel overwhelmed when you first sit down to prepare your immigration forms.  If your immigration situation is complicated, or if you simply don’t have the time or confidence to prepare the forms yourself, you might benefit from the help of an immigration lawyer.

That is why special attention should be paid to the choice of an immigration company. Do not hesitate to ask a lawyer the right questions to help identify the level of experience and expertise.

How to choose an immigration lawyer and 5 questions that should be asked of immigration

In which country and when it is registered the immigration company?

Your immigration lawyer should be an expert on UK immigration law, but because preference is given to registered companies in England. Major role plays the experience of the lawyer.

Some companies that offer immigration and visa services are only partners of British law firms, but have no direct relation to them. Of course, these companies should be considered only in the second place, as they usually lose, in quality and the price of services.

Is the immigration company licensed by OISC – Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (British supervisory authority, confer legal immigration of their powers)?

Do not hesitate to ask the lawyer to show you a certificate as proof of OISC. Remember that it should be mandatory for you selection criteria of  law firm.

Which is the level of licence of the immigration company?

All three levels of licensing. For example, Law Firm Ltd is licensed by the highest, level three (license F200500002). Only the third level allows to represent the client at all stages and in full, in particular, on appeal in case of failures. Clients companies certified under the third level (and those are many), in such a situation it is necessary to find a new legal representative, which increases the time and cost of the appeal process.

What is the procedure for making payment?

You should be alerted if the immigration company requires 100% prepayment of services. At the same time, the abnormal is for law firms to practice “pay for performance” – that is, pay only if you have obtained a visa. Time professional immigration lawyer is expensive, and you usually do not pay for the result, but for its work. Not one professional lawyer cannot, and does not have the rights to guarantee you a visa, even if all documents are filled in correctly. The decision to issue a visa will only accept visa officer reviewing your case. And because of such self-confidence attorneys willing to work for free, just to “get” another client, creates distrust.

In recent years significantly increased the number of companies offering immigration services and having a well-promoted Internet presence. As you know, demand creates supply, but in this case, the number of companies opening up far short of the level of service, that customers have come to expect.

Many companies began to offer assistance in the design of various types of visas, allowing to work or study in the country. We would like to sincerely warn everyone to take part in any program on immigration from working with companies that do not have official permission for it and gain practice.
You should carefully checking company’s real experience, because it can exist only virtually, and is almost impossible to find someone with whom you can talk. The companies involved in the immigration support, must be in the state of an immigration attorney who has the necessary qualifications, experience with UK immigration laws and the right to perform these services in this country.
Taking the decision to participate in any program, be it school, work or immigration to the UK, you should make sure that such a program does exist in the list of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the United Kingdom (Home Office) and become familiar with its requirements. The facts that the schemes to attract willing to work in the UK, advertised on the websites of many companies, strongly disagree with the actual conditions set by Home Office and are not suitable for the residents of the former Soviet Union, which are sometimes glossed creators of the website. In addition, there are cases where the information is published in sections of various websites, is outdated and does not correspond to the actual conditions that must be met by candidates for participation in the programs.
UK Immigration law changes rapidly and immigration lawyers that effectively work with clients should regularly monitor all changes. One of the most important issues in this case, for those wishing to take advantage of the immigration service, whether it be for a student visa, work permit or a decision of some more complex immigration issues, is to find a reputable British company that operates not only on the Internet by providing legal advice online and by phone, and having staffed by qualified immigration specialists able to provide a full range of immigration services in achieving client goals.
Be careful when choosing immigration lawyers.

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